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Dr. O. Palmer Robertson
Luke 7:29
21 mins 34 secs
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God has spoken one sweet word that can give you hope and assurance that you will discover God's specific purpose for your life. In this message that is based on Luke 7:29-30, the Vice Chancellor of African Bible University, Dr. O. Palmer Robertson, directs our attention to the very first beautiful and challenging word that is necessary for you to know God's purpose for your life.
2017 Spiritual Emphasis Week
In this message, Rev. Calum iain Macleod would like us to think of our Christian citizenship. As a citizen of heaven, every Christian is called to be distinctive and different in this world. Are you distinctive and different?
2017 Spiritual Emphasis Week
In this message on prayer, Rev. Calum Iain Macleod will consider two things: dedicated prayer and persistent prayer. There is the need of dedicated and persistent prayer in the Christian life and this is very fundamental to discipleship. Please visit http://teachingthetreasures.com for more Christ-centered and Gospel driven preaching
2017 Spiritual Emphasis Week
One of the greatest problems among human beings today is that when wrongs are done to us, revenge is sought rather than forgiveness being offered. But here, Jesus introduces in his first word from the cross, a special sort of forgiveness. Why does he say: "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do" at a very horrible and painful moment when the nails are piercing his hands and feet, nailing him to the cross of wood in the most cruel and indescribable way? This is totally contrary to the way any of us acts! When we are hurt, what do we do? We shout. We reply in kind. We want to hurt others as much they as they have hurt us. But here, there is no animosity, no resentment, and no hatred on the part of Jesus. Can you see the great compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ for lost humanity in these words in which he said, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." And here, the most surprising thing is that the Lord of history, who could have called down legions of angels to deliver him from the cross, instead exercises a unique forgiveness! In this exposition of the if the first word of Christ on the Cross, Dr. Paul Wells wants us to consider three main points about this unique prayer: Its purpose Its effects Its power.
When God's ways do not make Sense
How should you respond if you find yourself in the midst of great calamities and suffering or in the midst of a great difficulty where you feel betrayed, abandoned by God and your hopes dashed to pieces? What should we do in the midst of difficult circumstances where God's love does not seem to make sense? From this message that he is going to bring to us from John 11, Justus Musinguzi will provide us with an answer to these questions. So let us listen to what he has to tell us.
Dr. O. Palmer Robertson
1 Kings 19:19-21
30 mins 55 secs
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The Church is facing a very serious crisis. This crisis is best demonstrated by the pictures of the best performing students in this country that are usually displayed on the Front Page of the Newspapers. When these students are asked about what they intend to become, here are the answers they usually give: "I am planning to be a Lawyer. I am planning to be a doctor. I intend to become a Parliamentarian. I am going to become a prominent business man." I have never seen or heard anyone of them say, "I want to become a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Now this means that there is a crisis in the Church for without pastors, how is the Church going to survive? And this in turn means that there is a crisis in the nation because if there are no prophetic voices that are declaring to the people of God their sins, then there will be more and more corruption, violence and HIV-Aids. There will also be more greed and sexual impulses and these things will destroy this nation unless there are preachers of the word of God. This indeed is a very serious crisis! Who will pick up the mantle of Elijah and say, "I have been called of God to be a preacher of the word of God and I can do nothing else but become a preacher of that word?" In this message, the Vice Chancellor of African Bible University, the Rev. Dr. O. Palmer Robertson, will point us to a man named Elisha who picked Elijah's mantle. Dr. Robertson will use Elisha's example to show us several characteristics of the kind of man that God might favor with a call to the Gospel ministry.
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