Accounting 1 (3hrs)
This course introduces the basic principles of accounting theory and practice, emphasizing the sole proprietorship form of business. Primary areas of study include the theory of debit and credit, accounts, special journals, the accounting cycle, notes and interest, accruals and deferrals, receivables, inventory, plant assets, and the preparation of financial statements.
Accounting 2 (3hrs)
Acts (2hrs)
Advanced Radio Production (2hrs)
African Cultural Anthropology (3hrs)
African Political, Religious and Church History 1: North and West Africa (2hrs)
African Political, Religious and Church History 2: South and East Africa (2hrs)
Applied Agriculture 1 (2hrs)
Applied Agriculture 2 (1hr)
Audience Psychology (2hrs)
Audio Receptivity (2hrs)
Bible Translation
Biblical Womanhood (2hrs)
Broadcasting Strategy (2hrs)
Business Ethics (2hrs)
Business Law (2hrs)
Business Statistics (2hrs)
Choir (1hr)
Choir and Reading Music 1 (1hr)
Christian Education for Children (2hrs)
Christian Education of Adults (2hrs)
Christian Education of Youth (2hrs)
Christian Ethics (2hrs)
Church History (3hrs)
Communication in Consultations (hrs)
Corinthians 1 and 2 (2hrs)
Counselling (2hrs)
Creative Writing (3hrs)
Curriculum Development
Daniel / Revelation (3hrs)
Distinctives of Christian Media (2hrs)
Economics 1 (2hrs)
Economics 2 (2hrs)
Educational Methodology (2hrs)
Educational Administration (2hrs)
Educational Psychology 1 (3hrs)
Educational Psychology 2 (3hrs)
English 1 (3hrs)
English 2 (3hrs)
Exodus (3hrs)
Financial Management (2hrs)
Foundations of Curriculum Development (2hrs)
Fundamentals of Broadcasting (2hrs)
Fundamental Mathematics
General Epistles (2hrs)
Genesis (3hrs)
Greek 1 (2hrs)
Greek 2 (2hrs)
Greek 3 (2hrs)
Greek 4 (2hrs)
Greek 5 (2hrs)
Greek 6 (2hrs)
Hermeneutics 1 (2hrs)
Hermeneutics 2 (2hrs)
History & Philosophy of Christian Education (3hrs)
Homiletics 1 (2hrs)
Homiletics 2 (2hrs)
Information Technology 1 (2hrs)
Information Technology 2
Instructing Children (2hrs)
Introduction to Bible Translation (2hrs)
Introduction to Mass Communication (3hrs)
John (2hrs)
Joshua/Judges (3hrs)
Journalism and Testimony Book (2hrs)
Leadership in Communication (2hrs)
Leadership in Education (2hrs)
Leadership in Ministry (2hrs)
Leadership Training (2hrs)
Library Orientation (0hrs)
Literacy in Education (2hrs)
Literature (3hrs)
Marketing (2hrs)
Mathematics (2hrs)
Media Law (1hr)
Media Writing
Missiology and Church Planting (3hrs)
Money and Banking (2hrs)
New Testament Biblical Theology (2hrs)
Old Testament Biblical Theology (3hrs)
Old Testament in the New Testament (2hrs)
Old Testament Poetical Books (2hrs)
Old Testament Prophetical Books (3hrs)
Open Air Evangelism (2hrs)
Paul (2hrs)
Personal Evangelism (2hrs)
Personal Finance (2hrs)
Principles and Practice of Worship (2hrs)


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