African Bible University 10th Anniversary

“Ebenezer” is a word that you do not hear every day.  Yet, during our time at African Bible University Uganda (ABU), we are often reminded that certainly “thus far has the Lord helped us”.   This is a community statement that is heartfelt and sincere, for the Lord has in power providentially guided us throughout every ABU experience.  As we celebrate our 10Th anniversary on 6th and 7th November 2015, we want to give praise and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for everything that He has done to make ABU possible.  Not only that, but we also wish to reflect on what marvelous work the Lord has done in and through those who have participated in the blessing that is ABU.  Our theme for the Celebration is “Remember and Renew” 

As we remember the greatness of God in and through African Bible University we also wish to “Renew”.   In the act of renewing, we desire to put fresh energy into our community by collectively thinking and praying about how best to move forward.  We desire to reflect on what is the present reality of how far the Lord has brought us, and then consider and pray carefully as to how we can work together to make ABU even better!   Our grand dinner (7th November 2015 at 6pm -9pm) theme, “Tugenda Mu Maaso”, ‘Let us move ahead forward’ is our renew call! 

Come join us, as we celebrate with the different Events!!!!!