Final Letter

Dr. Jack W. Chinchen

Jack Chinchen Final Letter

Prior to his Death

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Below is a special letter that Rev. Dr. Jack Chinchen wrote to his supporting churches shortly before leaving this world on February 26 for the glories of Heaven. Your heart will be filled with joy as you read Rev. Jack Chinchen's description of the blossoming fruit resulting from fifty years of labor in Africa — a continent he loved so much and claimed for God's purpose.

December 22, 2018


It is the week before Christmas and Thanksgiving is on our minds - thus this letter of appreciation to all the churches that faithfully continue to support us through the years.

We can truthfully report that Nell and I are needed more than ever - in dozens of different ways.

The ministry here in Malawi has grown far beyond our expectations!!

Not only has the college student body doubled in size, it has become more than a college!  Without really realizing it, we have become a "Holistic" ministry!  A fancy name for the fact that other Christian organizations are partnering with us ..enabling us to meet many more needs than the education of students.  This wasn't planned by us — it just happened!  It has been the Lord's doing!! And it is marvelous in our eyes!

Some years back the college established a small hospital because there was nowhere for our students to go to keep healthy. Today, that hospital sees over 100 patients a day!

Other Christian organizations have joined with us to expand our ability to heal body and soul.  Two Christian organizations, one from Australia and the other from the USA, have joined together to build on campus the only true hearing aid clinic in all of Malawi - a clinic that could match anything we have in the United States.  And, it is being run by ABC graduates who have been thoroughly trained for their responsibilities!

Years ago the college established a small Christian Academy for the college staff’s children. Today, over 300 students attend its classes in 20 building facilities with teachers from across South Africa, America, and England. Dozens of our students and graduates are being used as assistants in the classrooms!

Evangelism explosion
The great organization, Evangelism Explosion, has built a large lecture hall along with dormitory space and offices on campus in order to expand their ministry to Africa - using our students and graduates to make their meetings a success!
Perhaps the greatest addition has been "The Grove Bible Church" in Chandler, Arizona. This church, whose lead pastor is Paul Chinchen's twin brother Palmer, has sent over 1,000 of its congregation to Africa to minister to villages. Using ABC students and graduates to oversee the work. The Grove Bible Church has its own offices on campus staffed by ABC students on work scholarships.

Dr & Mrs Jack Chinchen with The Groves's Live Love Team, fall 2018

Then, there is a great organization, Samaritan's Purse that furnishes us with doctors and nurses for our hospital and finances to help our students with their tuition.    

Perhaps the most unique of all our outside ministries is the Prison Ministry started by one of our graduates who had spent 8 years in prison - all the while taking the correspondence courses taught by Nell and myself over the radio.  When he was finally released he immediately applied for enrollment at the college and upon graduation, he gathered together churches in the USA so that today ABC is ministering to 8 different prisons.

And last, but not least, is the church at Whittier California whose pastor’s daughter was teaching at our Christian academy.  She would stop on her way home to her apartment to hold baby orphans in a small room.   When she returned home her father's church was preparing for its Christmas gift offering.  The largest amount ever given had been $25,000.  She asked that the offering go toward enlarging the "holding room" and hoped there would be more.  A marvelous miracle took place - it took two days to count the offering. Over $600,000 was given.  Today, on the ABC campus is this large children's clinic that majors in caring for sick orphan children!

Beside all of this, visitors and teams come in a constant stream!   My Nell is hostesson campus with the doors to our home wide open almost every day!

Is it any wonder that we say after all these years, we're needed more than ever!  And, it's your generous support that enables us to oversee all the great things our Lord is doing before us!

Remembering at Christmas

His Greatness and your Generosity,

Jack and, Nell Chinchen,

Your missionaries in Africa



27 February 2019

The Three Phases in the Life of Dr. Jack Chinchen

Phase 1: Prosperity According to this World; Phase 2: Enslavement to Jesus Christ; Phase 3: Glorification with Jesus Christ in the presence of God forever... In which stage are you?

27 February 2019

Dr. Jack Chinchen's Biography

Rev. Dr. John (Jack) William Chinchen, Founder of African Bible Colleges, went to be with our Lord and Savior on Tuesday, February 26, at 6:40 pm at the age of 94. Dr. Chinchen died in Africa, where he served Christ for nearly 50 years as a pioneer missionary and one of the continent’s great trailblazers of Christian higher education.

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