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A Visit to Rwakobo Rock


Allan Adriko
2nd Year Student - African Bible UniversityAllan Adriko
Rwakobo Rock, Why Go There?

This idyllic spot is situated just over 1 km from the Nshara gate of Lake Mburo National Park. A day or night trek into the park is very worthwhile. The drive from the main road passes through the lovely Nshara Government Ranch, where the magnificent long-horned Ankole cattle graze peacefully alongside the wild herds of staring black and white striped zebras and impalas. The Bahima are the main tribe found in this unknown of paradise in Uganda. They are mainly pastoralist who still live traditional lives and are excellent custodians of the natural landscape and its biodiversity. They are occasionally spotted carrying long grazing sticks.

Almost everyone has heard of Rwakobo rock. It is a peaceful and secluded retreat where you can naturally breathe in the essence of wild Uganda while staring at the beauty of the orange setting sun on a highly elevated rocky ground.

It has a very comfortable and spacious cottages punctuated with friendly monkeys that visit occasionally. The main dining area overlooks an expanse of rock that adjoins the park, and is set in the chaste Ankole ranchlands. Whether you want to sit
back, sip an ice-cold drink in a hammock, or head out into Lake Mburo National Park for a day of exciting exploration, there is something here for everyone.

This place is huddled on a location with an astonishing view of animals such as zebra, warthog, impala, and bush buck. They lodge there and often throng with the domestic Ankole cattle drink at the water hole beneath the dining area. Sweet melodies of animals “singing” lullabies are heard at night, giving one the experience and essence of true picnic away from the usual, busy, uncoordinated, and frustrating urban noise. Nature comes to life, thus giving your mind the freedom to explore space with wild imaginations.

When it comes to experimental activities, Rwakobo rocks tender a variety of both easy and challenging walks giving you the chance to get close to nature. Rwakobo also offers mountain biking with a guide to navigate you around the National Park.
Bishop Wilson Kitara

Allan having fun with friends at Rwakobo Rock



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