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His Life is all You Need
(Isaiah 9:6)


Komakech Jimmy
1st Year Student - African Bible UniversityKomakech Jimmy
To us all, a wonderful counselor is born
His name is everlasting, the prince of peace
His assurance turns my eyes upon him
His breath is unspeakable gift of life.

His blessing shines brightest splendor
His bond is love. His door is narrow. His yoke is light.
His chosen generations search for him everywhere
His word is the absolute authority sufficient to our daily living

His lifestyle is the ultimate source of inspiration.
His light is the greatest blessing to the universe
His faithfulness is the miracle of ages.
His food is doing the father’s will

His grace saves the lost soul
His temple is the believer’s heart
His highway is the most beautiful street of holiness
His knowledge is infinite, infallible, and incomprehensible

His mercy cancels all my condemnation beyond description
His poverty purchased a glorious place of inheritance
His suffering provided access to free amnesty
His oppression brought the final freedom

His stripes healed the deepest pain
His crucifixion fulfilled the Old Testament sacrifices
His death united our body with him.
His resurrection received us at home for eternal enjoyment
His life is all you need. Amen!



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