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Praisegrace Joy Kicaobanga
Coordinator, Campus Bridge MagazinePraisegrace Joy Kicaobanga

The Dream

For long, Dr. Owen Palmer Robertson, the Vice Chancellor of African Bible University (ABU), has nurtured the idea of ABU having its own periodical in our campus. Dr. Robertson shared this idea in 2013 with students who had interest in writing and wanted to pursue it further. I remember, as a freshman at African Bible University, I attended this meeting and registered as one of the contributors towards this cause. Student writers who turned up for that meeting in the University Dining Hall under the leadership of Mrs. Natasha Kinsella adopted the name Vision 2030 Club.

The Dream has become a Reality!

Now, for the first time we have our own magazine in our name and on our campus. What seemed very hard and impossible in our sights then is visible today, and right before us. After graduating, I did not know I would be part of the team making it today in 2019. However, God had willed it in his sovereignty. It is upon this background that the word came into physical existence, The Campus Bridge is born.

Our Vision

Through The Campus Bridge Magazine, we intend to bring you captivating stories and articles. Our Vision is to inform, educate, and inspire all to write. We are building and sharpening ourselves not only to write for African Bible University community but also to be able to produce an interactive information hub for the church, society, and the country.
We hope that through writing every student contributor shall engage their minds outside academics and have varied fields of learning. I believe that through the experience you will integrate and expand your knowledge base and polish your writing styles and communication skills. The Campus Bridge will keep you abreast of news and information on events taking place in our vicinity and elsewhere.

Our Offer

In this edition, you will have a wide range offered, including a lifestyle section, a theology article, various features, and a literary corner to mention but a few. We hope you enjoy our first edition, as we trust God for more in the future.

We are calling upon all those who are interested in writing to sign up early to allow for planning for our upcoming magazine in the new semester. You can contact the coordinator for article areas.

We are open to contributions, supplements and useful corrections, guidance, and advice. Do not shy away to share with us. We will be grateful as we seek to improve. May this magazine be a blessing to you.

We are also welcoming all who would like to sponsor this Magazine project. As you can see, we were unable to produce printed copies due to logistics. Any willing person can contact Miss Praisegrace Joy Kicaobanga by phone at +256-414-201507 or through email at for further discussion.


I acknowledge and thank Dr. Owen Palmer Robertson for inspiring this project, and for giving advice that was very helpful. Thank you, Natasha Kinsella for the foundation you laid. It simplified this process. I also extend my sincere gratitude to faculty, staff, students and expert friend, Miss Sue Murr. Thank you all for supporting this project and seeing the first edition through. Finally, to The Campus Bridge Magazine Editors, Mrs. Pam Sinclair, and Mrs. Cheri Hoke, and committee members, you sacrificed many valuable hours to put up everything in order. May God richly bless you.



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