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Mr. Kinsella's Diary - 2018


Sean Kinsella
Lecturer - African Bible UniversitySean Kinsella

The term started well, though we miss the carters who have returned to the UK, as they hope to move on to Cambodia and serve there. The Hokes, whom we asked many of you to pray for, could not all return. Tim taught for half the semester which meant teaching his classes in double-time. The Schimkes returned from their yearlong sabbatical, and Justus returned from Mauritius, after completing his ICT degree with Middlesex University!
Bishop Wilson Kitara
Back row: Kurt, Enos, Bert, Sean, Palmer, Jerry, Karen and Charles
Front row: Praiseg, Merab, Robert, Nancy, Robin, Natasha, Joanna, Kennedy, Judith, Collins and Justus
Yes, that is Lake Victoria in the background!

The sports department was blessed with scores of football boots, donated by boots2africa. We also were blessed with the introduction of cricket to the curriculum.
Bishop Wilson Kitara

On the 29th, Robert Mulanzi (our P. R man) married Beatrice, whose family had heard Robert speaking on Radio ABC 99.3, and thought, ‘he sounds like a nice boy…maybe we should invite him round for dinner?’ … the rest they say, is history! Pray for them, as they start their new lives together at ABU.
Bishop Wilson Kitara
On the 25th, Uganda suffered a minor earthquake, and thankfully, no harm was done!

On 6th, we had our annual work half-day.
Bishop Wilson Kitara

VC OPR leads by example


On 14th, Dr. Bob Penny, Dr. Tim Hoke, Pastor Bruce Sinclair, alumnus Pius Emesu, and myself, organised a pastors’ conference in the eastern town of Soroti. We all took one of the five Solas, with me kicking off the day by speaking on sola scriptura. I reckon there were about 60 pastors there when I began preaching, and about 160 when Tim finished! We fed them the word, and then fed them Matoke, rice and beef. This was the third conference we have organised in Soroti and it was so encouraging to see so many attend. It was wonderful to see Pius teaching and preaching, please pray for him and the church planting work he is doing there.
Bishop Wilson Kitara

This is also the month, when the senior class carries out open air outreach. Two weeks ago, we went to Lweza, where three of us preached. We all sang, one of us was interviewed and many of us were involved in one-on-one conversations. These outreach classes are a wonderful opportunity for the students to see outreach done in a different, more organised way, and I always sense a greater camaraderie is developed with the students as we all minister together. Thank god for that, and pray for the many people we spoke to – James, in particular.
Bishop Wilson Kitara
At cultural gala night, all the ABU community and the guests put on their best for such a memory-giving event. All nationalities prepare cultural dances or skits to perform. They also cook their home dishes and everyone has to take scoops of each dish.
Bishop Wilson Kitara

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