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Plea of a Helpless Girl


Aribo Vicky
2nd Year Student - African Bible UniversityAribo Vicky
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Deep in our hearts
Pain shocks us more
We are full of fear
Our eyes are flowing with tears

Rapist, defilers, abductors to hell with them
None to protect us from these beastly men
And none to give us courage
We are left to struggle alone, yet weak and helpless

Mad men, men of beastly spirits
Be sympathetic to us,
Stop raping us. Stop defiling us
We are young and defenseless.

Smiling as bright as diamonds,
Soaring high like eagles
Full of dreams and hopes
Yet you are roadblocks at every turn.

We want to be heard, we want justice
And one day our plea, will catch a lion's ear.
Remember it is not our fault
We were born orphans.

Left in the lion's den to fend for ourselves
We are shut in the prison of misery
Anguish our daily companion
Oh, Lord come to our rescue we pray, amen!



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