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Two Rats

Children's Story

Kabogoza James
2nd Year Student - African Bible UniversityKabogoza James
Once upon a time, there lived two rats. One lived in a town and the other in the village. They were friends. The villager asked his friend to pay him a visit. “O yes! I will be glad to,” said the city-born rat. “Over the weekend” added the villager.

Saturday morning the city-born rat packed a suitcase for the journey. In the case was a toothbrush and toothpaste, and changing clothes. He boarded a bus to the village. Swish it went. When he reached there, he received a warm welcome from his village friend. Little did he know that the friend lived in a person’s hut. They slept the whole day in the holes. At night
When people had finished supper and had gone to sleep, the two rats come out to eat the leftovers. The village rat went as far as nibbling a child’s feet. The man woke up and the two rats ran quickly back into their holes. It was fun for the two friends.

The next day, the city rat had to go home. Just as the saying goes that “one good turn deserves another,” the city-born asked his friend to pay him a visit too “Oh yes” over the weekend, he said. Five days passed. It was Saturday morning.

The villager wore his white kanzu and set off on the bus. Swish it went. He received a better welcome. Moreover, they entered a person’s bungalow, went into the ceiling, and slept all night. When the owners went to bed, the two friends come out to enjoy the town delicacies, chips, pizzas, and Rolexes. Now the village rat ate beyond enough.

As he was trying to tiptoe, he bumped into a frying pan, and the house owners woke up. The two friends ran towards the ceiling, but the villager could not run faster for he had eaten too much. Climbing the painted walls was impossible for him. He tried to hide in the corner but, it was not safe either. He died of canings. He died with oil on his lips, and his body was thrown into a trash tin. His friend mourned for weeks, and even now, rats are heard in ceilings and holes crying for their
dead friend.



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