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Aribo Vicky
2nd Year Student - African Bible UniversityAribo Vicky
When I first heard of the movie, "war room," I thought of the regular war movies where war rooms are used for strategic planning of a battle. I was very wrong. War Room is another evangelical movie yet from the sibling team of Alex and Stephen Kendrick. Some of their movies include “Fire Proof” (2018) “Courageous” (2011).
Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) a mother and a real estate agent are tired of her inattentive husband, Tony (F.C. Stallings). Before she considers visiting a divorce lawyer, she crosses paths with
Karen Abercrombie, an old woman who is zealous about prayer. She offers Elizabeth lukewarm coffee, which she does not like.

However, lukewarm was exactly what Elizabeth’s prayer life was. Meanwhile, their daughter Danielle (Alena Pitts) felt neglected and unloved by her parents who are always quarrelling about one thing or another. Elizabeth realizes that the anger she harbours towards her husband is not helping and might make her lose what she treasures the most; which is her family.

She visits the old woman who gives her the idea of the prayer closet. The prayer closet is the Battle Room for fighting against her true enemy Satan, not her husband. Elizabeth buys that idea and transforms her closet into a war room. Tony has some shady business going on at his workplace and the consequences of his actions catch up with him.

This is not a rabidly fundamental, finger-pointing at sinner’s movie. The movie is about grace- unmerited favour as exemplified by the Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, this message of grace comes out very firmly. I have recommended that many friends and relatives to watch this film, a fitting example of 2 Chronicles 7:14.



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