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Daniel Mickoh

Founder and CEO, Young & Rich Africa;
Digital Marketer; SEO Strategist

About Daniel Mickoh

  • Inspired by Ted Gonder and the MoneyThink movement, and having grown up seeing many pay the price because of their lack of financial education, including his own family, Daniel together with his friend Sonia went ahead to make a difference, and this led to the start Young and Rich Africa in May 2014.
  • In his experience of Having grown up in Uganda, and experienced first hand the wonderful beauty and luxury of living in the city, and also the pain and adversity of lying under bullets all night during the northern Uganda insurgency, and having seen the resilience and the spirit of our people at the time, he realized that he wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to making this country and continent live to its potential! But he also realized that making Africa great would require addressing this issue of leadership, personal philosophy and financial education.
  • In Africa, more than anywhere else in the world, the difference that just one good leader or social entrepreneur can make is much greater than anywhere else, and that's because in Africa, we have weak institutions, like the judiciary, the constitution, administrations and very poor financial management and business support systems. 

  • Daniel's dream is being achieved through Young and Rich Africa's high school mentoring curriculum, and the youth engagement initiatives. (personal and professional development, financial education and social entrepreneurship, youth forums, environment campaigns etc)

    Prior to this, Daniel has been and still is an SEO and Marketing blogger.

    Mickoh is involved with other organizations such as Students for Liberty, Atlas Leadership Academy and other Social Enterprise ventures.

Founder & CEO

Young and Rich Africa


KISS Marketing LLC

Custom Video Creation, SEO Expert, Social Media Expert, WordPress Developer, Internet Marketer

Mickoh Marketing Group

SEO Consultant, SEO Expert, Custom Video Creation| Local Marketing, Premium Web Design

Doxa Light Inc

Youth Program Coordinator

Upendo Community Training Skills

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Community Leadership with Business

African Bible University

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