Africa's Leadership Challenge
& the

By O. Palmer Robertson
(Founding Vice-Chancellor, African Bible University)

Everyone agrees. Africa's greatest challenge is for good leadership. Not just leadership, but good leadership, a leadership with intergrity and a true spirit of servanthood. The Question is, what will it take to produce the leaders we need for the future? To answer this question, we must first realize we are talking about generational transformation. We must begin now to think and plan for Africa's leaders of the future. We must become passionate about leadership questions. Good leaders must be trained, disciplined, challenged, educated and equipped for the task. So we need a vision of the future leaders for Christ in Africa. Rather than simply watching our future leaders develop into a people who direct the destinies of others to their own advantage, we must have the vision of raising up servant-leaders for Christ.

We need a vision to creat leaders whose desire is not to be lord over others but to equip others to function fully as people remade in the image of God.

We need leaders that manifest their servanthood not merely be doing a few humble tasks anow and then, but by giving their lives in service ot others that they may realize their full potential in Christ.  With this distinctive perspective at the forefront, a proper vision for leadership in the future can be developed.

Buty were in this vision does a Bible University fit? What is a "Bible" University? Is it really a University? How can a Bible University make a difference in forming future leadership?

Why a "University"?

A "University" teaches about the "universe." It instructs its students about the world in which they live. Questions must be asked and answered about our universe and man's special role in the purposes of the creator. But what is man? Where did he come from? Where is he going? What powers does he have in this universe for good and for evil? How is he to be educated?

If man is simply one more animal on a slightly higher level than other animals, then educating children to do whatever is for their own advantange no matter what it might cost others could be an approved goal of education. But if man is unique among all the creatures on earth, made just a little lower than the angels, if humanity has been given the responsibility of rulling over the world to the glory of God and the good of all mankind, then plans for educating future generations should look entirely different.
The World, its Creation and its History
Students who enroll in African Bible University study the history of this world beginning with its creation. Then they trace the history of humanity through all ages.  They explore Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Israelite, Greek and Roman civilizations.  In addition to these cultures, they study the Middle Ages, the Renaaissance, the Reformation, the modern and post-modern ages.  For "the person who does not know history is bound to repeat its mistakes."
The Power of the Economy
But isn't it most likely that the course of the future will be determined not by religious power but by economic power? What about the world of busness?

Indeed, it is true that the leverage provided by economic power can hardly be measured. Yet across decades, it becomes equally apparent that integrity in quality and service provides the greatest long-term environment for the development of a robust national economy.  For this reason, African Bible University requires all its students to take courses in Christian Ethics and Business Ethics.  These courses provide the solid foundation for the study of subjects such as Information Technology, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Money and Banking, Personal Finance.  For if skills such as Information Technology are used to manipulate facts so that they serve self-centered interests, then the greater skill serves the greater ill. But if a true heart of service to God and man permeates the technicians from his brain to his fingertips, then the whole community will share the blessings.
The Critical Role of Mass Communications
And then there is the vast and vital world of communications. Mass communication by print, by public speech, by Radio and Television, by the internet.  The world of communications sets the tone of a nation. So the misapplication of a few words on radio can lead to genocide.  Vivid images of sex and violence can inflame desires that devolve into debauchery and brutality.  But rightly applied, all the various media of mass communications can brighten and lighten the load of the whole society.  It can move a people unitedly towards a goal of maturity in self-sacrifice for the well-being of the whole body.

Why a "Bible"

People's first thought is that a Bible University must be only for training pastors, preachers, reverends, evangelists, church planters and Bible teachers. And of course, if offers this kind of training! If any person, young or old, male of female, Anglican or Born Again, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal or Presbyterian, desires to be trained to the fullest for his or her special ministry, African Bible University attempts to provide that training. Studies in books of the Bible, how to interpret the Bible, Christ in all the Bible, how to teach or preach the Bible, how to do mass evangelism and personal evangelism -- these studies provide the foundational core of the curriculum of African Bible University. In addition, courses in subjects such as church planting, Christian counseling, trauma counseling, business ethics, personal ethics and personal finance equip people for whatever their special ministry and calling from God might be. But the idea of a Bible university means much more.

The Book of Books
The word "bible" simply means "book." But when this very common word is capitalized so that it becomes Bible, then the word reffers to the most read, the most studied, the most translated, the most printed book in the whole of human history. Up until today, no other book has been so read, so distributed, so studied, as the Bible. Without any question, the Bible is, "the Book of Books."
A Guide Book for all Truth
Indeed, the Bible is not designed as a textbook for the science of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, economics or international law. But it does provide principles and foundational values that can steer the sciences into constructive rather than destructive uses of their acquired knowledge.  The Bible can provide the test for basic truth about economic, political and social theories.  It can serve as the key to unlock the meaning of the movement we call history, and the guideline for appreciating the arts of literature, music and drama.

So and education that finds its foundation ind God's revealed Word to humaniity can create harmony — a harmony between man, his world and his God.  Apart from this basic harmony that should embrace the whole of human life, education can only be self-centered, or Satan-centered.

Why the "African"
Bible University?

But what makes African Bible University "African"? Why is it specifically connected with the continent of Africa? More particularly, why all of Africa instead of only Uganda?

Africa United through Christian Leadership
A great need exists for a biblically-based educational resource that encourages indigenous leadership to move forward with Christ-honoring principles in the ares of church, business, education, communications and government across all of Africa. African Bible University has been working towrd this goal for over thirty years.
Beyond Africa
Still further, African Bible University has mentained a healthy balance between African and international staff and faculty. Even as the church as the body of Christ finds a major enrichment in the diversity of its international Character, so this university discovers ever-increasing enrichment through an internatioal faculty and staff originating in Uganda, the USA, Malawi, England, Scotland and the Netherlands. In this sense, African Bible University promises the "best of all worlds" for future generations.

So there it is. Or more precisely, here we are! Not proudly but thankfully.

African Bible University's Executive Officers

These are some of our leaders who have tirelessly and selflessly served the Lord at African Bible University.
Rev Jack + Mrs. Nell Chinchen
FoundersRev Jack + Mrs. Nell Chinchen
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Chinchen founded African Bible Colleges. After spending seven years training pastors in the interior of Liberia, their vision became a reality when the Chinchens established Liberia’s first four-year Bible College in 1976. Dr. Jack Chinchen went to be with the Lord in March 2019.
Dr. Paul Chinchen
CHANCELLORDr. Paul Chinchen
Dr. Paul Chinchen is the Chief Executive Officer, President of African Bible Colleges, Inc. and Chancellor for all three Universities located in Malawi, Uganda and Liberia. Dr. Chinchen is the founder of the African Bible College (ABC) Community Clinic (1999), and the ABC Christian Academy (1998).
Dr. Palmer + Mrs. Joanna Robertson
DR. O. PALMER ROBERTSON Dr. Robertson serves as principle of our Uganda campus, African Bible University. Previously, he taught at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS and has written several theological books. Joanna Robertson is the Academic Registrar

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